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GSSE PhD Council

We are a little group of PhD students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering that are invested in helping and bettering the PhD experience for us all!


What we are currently working on

  • Creating community for PhDs of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and organizing events.

  • Collaborating with GRIN and GOPHER for university wide events and tackling issues of PhD students

Current Members


Dennis De Wal




PhD in nanodevice physics at the Zernike institute. My research is on electron spin based electronic (spintronic) devices. I love cycling and being outside in nature, but when I have to be inside I like to read a good book or listen to good old fashioned music.


Bram Lap



I am a PhD candidate working in Astronomical instrumentation, with the focus on far-infrared spectrometers. I do all kinds of sports, enjoy seeing my plants grow and like to go for drinks, when that was still a thing


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Alka Rao


Minutes Taker

Microbiologist, loves scicomm, watercolor art, cats, coffee, food and RPG games. I will probably judge you for your coffee.

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Henrique - photo.png

Henrique Bravo Gouveia


Sustainability Enthusiast

Marine biologist with some fun trivia facts on corals and crabs. I like to be in the water, on a squash/tennis court, reading a good book, looking for endangered species, or travelling a bit (back when that was still a thing).


Nicole Orzan

Bernoulli Institute

Happy Helper

I am a PhD candidate in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In particular I work with Multi-Agent systems and Reinforcement Learning. I love outdoor sport (especially running), reading books and drawing manga character!


Alva Bechlenberg


Question Asker


I am a PhD scholarship student researching power extraction from waves and offshore renewable energy farms. I am left-handed and that's says it all already!

Taichi Photo.jpg

Taichi Ochi


Doughnut lover

Investigating drug-drug-gene interactions for depression and its comorbidities. 

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