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GSSE PhD Council

We are a little group of PhD students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering that are invested in helping and bettering the PhD experience for us all!


What we are currently working on

  • Creating community for PhDs of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and organizing events.

  • Collaborating with GRIN and GOPHER for university wide events and tackling issues of PhD students

Current Members

Picture_Chris Council.png

Christopher Böttner

Kapteyn Astronomical




I’m a PhD candidate in astronomy working on galaxies and habitability. I play squash, like singing and generally am out and about a lot, with a keen interest in all things nerdy.

Britt Council Picture.jpg

Britt Coenen

GBB/FSE Molecular




PhD candidate studying the role of reactive oxygen species in sepsis and subsequent organ damage, to hopefully set up a new diagnostic test to identify sepsis earlier. In my free time I enjoy meeting up with friends and cooking.

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Eline_council picture.jpg

Eline de Lange

GBB & ZIAM, FSEMolecular Cell Biology & Molecular Biophysics

Minutes Taker

PhD candidate studying yeast peroxisomal proteins using super-resolution microscopy. I like dancing, hiking and playing board games.

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Alumni talks

As a 3rd-year PhD student at the Molecular Immunology department,  I am interested in how different molecules influence the immune response of macrophages. Outside the lab I enjoy cooking, going to the gym and meeting up with friends.

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Picture_Melina Ioannidis.jpg

Melina Ioannidis

GBB/FSE Molecular


Rabia_council iamge.jpg

Emine Rabia Sensevdi

GBB/FSE Molecular


Website and Social Events

PhD candidate studying superinfection exclusion in Haloarchaea. I like a lot of things, like cooking, dancing, drawing and bouldering/climbing. 

paulina iamge.jpg

Paulina Turekova

Kapteyn Astronomical

Institute, ASTRON

Social Events

For my PhD, I study lightning and its flash reconstruction with the LOFAR radio telescope. I love old movies, gardening and swimming.

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teresa .jpg

María Teresa López Carrasco

Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials

PhD student investigating the optical properties of two-dimensional semiconductors and their application in photonic circuits via the fabrication of atomically thin spin lasers.

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