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Wall of Fame

Supervisors of the year

lemens Mayer.jpg

Winner 2023

Prof. Clemens Mayer

Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

His research group focuses on reprogramming the cellular machinery for man-made innovations.

For further information, please visit his website.

+31 50 36 36130

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Winner 2022

Prof. Sancia van der Meij

Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIEFS)

Her research explores the diversification and symbiosis of coral reefs, with a emphasis on reef-associated taxa.

For further information, please visit her website.

+31 50 36 35274

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S.E.T. (Sancia) van der Meij, PhD.png
L. (Lucy) Avraamidou, Prof 2021.jpg

Winner 2021

Prof. Lucy Avraamidou

Institute for Science Education and Communication (ISEC)

Her research delves into both theoretical and empirical investigations of science education and identity construction within formal and informal settings, utilizing qualitative, interpretive methods.

For further information, please visit her website.

+31 6 2719 4432

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Winner 2020

Prof. Filippo Fraternali

Kapteyn Astronomical Institute

His research concentrates on the composition of galaxies—including stars, gas, and dark matter—and examines the interactions between galaxies and their surrounding environments, such as gas accretion and feedback mechanisms. For further information, please visit her website.

+31 50 36 34055

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prof. dr. R. (Reinoud) Gosens 2019.png

Winner 2019

Prof. Reinoud Gosens

Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP)

His research group investigates the mechanisms that regulate tissue repair and remodeling in asthma and COPD. To learn more about his specific research efforts, please visit his personal website.

+31 50 36 38177

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Winner 2018

Prof. Jan Anton Koster

Zernike (ZIAM)

His research focuses on enhancing the efficiency, stability, and affordability of novel semiconductors like organic thermoelectrics, perovskites, and organic solar cells for sustainable energy solutions. For more details, visit his website.

+31 50 363 4928

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prof. dr. L.J.A. (Jan Anton) Koster 2018.jpg
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