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Hobbies - FAQ

Yes, you are not only a researcher, and that’s good. Groningen has so much to offer for everyone.​​



A variety of different sporting activities are offered by ACLO, you can even go flying (gliding)! As a scholarship candidate, you can join ACLO directly (and cheap), while employees can join via SPR.

Random Activities


with other PhDs: GOPHER organises events, workshops, etc. for PhDs in Groningen. Sometimes we even collaborate with them!


Culture and Arts


Get your creativity flowing and check out if you want to learn to play an instrument, dance or do something else creative (




Do you like learning even more about different scientific fields in your free time?

There are a few options for this as well!

- Astronomy on tap


- Pint of science

Language Learning


At The University Language Centre, you can learn so many different languages. Always a good idea!

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