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„Elections play a crucial role in preserving your needs and interest!“

The University elections will take place from 8-12 May 2023.

During the elections you can vote for members of both the University & Faculty Council using following link: Vote here

What is the University Council?

The University Council comprises 24 members, half of whom are elected by students and the other half by staff. Collectively, these 24 members represent the academic community and hold the distinction of being the highest democratically elected body within the governance of the university.

What does the University Council do?

The University Council is involved in the policy of the University Board (CvB), renovation of university buildings, general teaching- and exam regulations, and the annual University budget. The University Council has the right of consent and therefore vote on specific documents or measures.

What is the Faculty Council?

The Faculty Councils are the primary advisory bodies within the University, following the University Council. Their role is to facilitate communication and collaboration among the different department in each faculty.

What does the Faculty Council do?

The Faculty Council possesses the authority to approve and provide recommendation on specific matters and serve as advocates for the interest of students and staff related to their respective faculty.

Why is it important to vote?

Both University- and Faculty Council hold the authority to engage in numerous matters concerning the University. Consequently, the Council members hold significant importance as they advocate for students and staff needs and interests.

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