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2020 PhD Supervisor of the Year goes to ...

Starting in Spring 2020, we began the call for nominations for the PhD Supervisor of the Year for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. With a flurry of responses, we managed to go over each request and read over the nominations given by the keen PhD candidates.

After narrowing the options to four candidates, on the 7th of July we had the pleasure of hosting (online) the Award ceremony for the PhD Supervisor of the Year. Normally, the event takes place in the Zernike campus with a nice BBQ but we adjusted the festivities to host it online.

At the ceremony, we invited the top nominees for the Supervisor Award and their PhD students. Flowers were delivered to each top nominee and the ceremony proceeded with the winner




(drum roll please)




Professor Filippo Fraternali from the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute!

You can check out his website here and find out more about his ongoing research.

Until next year and hopefully then we can all celebrate it together at the Zernike campus.

Met vriendelijke groet,

GSSE PhD Council

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