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Introducing GOPHER: The Groningen Organization for PhD Education and Recreation

GOPHER, an acronym for the 'Groningen Organization for PhD Education and Recreation,' is a dynamic organization spearheaded by PhD students and overseen by the esteemed Dean of the Groningen Graduate Schools, Prof. Dr. Petra Rudolf.

Gopher is working in close coordination with the Groningen Graduate Schools team and benefits from the expertise of dedicated individuals. At its core, GOPHER is committed to uniting PhD students across various faculties by organizing a rich tapestry of recreational and educational events. Many of our educational initiatives provide invaluable opportunities for the growth and development of PhD students, often filling gaps left by the conventional programs offered by Graduate Schools, HR services, and related institutions.

GOPHER is here to enrich your academic journey and enhance your social connections within our vibrant academic community.

Join us in making your PhD experience in Groningen truly exceptional with GOPHER!

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