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Elections 2022! Go Vote!

Last year, both students and staff members had the opportunity to vote for the University of Groningen elections for representation in the University and Faculty Council.

As staff members are elected for two year positions, only student factions will be running for seats in the respective councils. So why should it matter to you? Well, if you are a scholarship PhD student, then you are represented by the student factions, not the staff factions.

Meaning, you, as a scholarship PhD student, have the right to select your representative at the University and Faculty Councils.

This past academic year, the end report of the scholarship experiment was submitted to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Unfortunately, the final decision has not been published yet. However, it has been a topic of debate at the University Council level. To make sure your rights are represented, we as the GSSE PhD Council, implore you to go vote!

Make use of your right to vote and click the blue button 'Vote here" on

If you need an additional incentive, check out the election video (you may find a friendly face from 2:32 ;) )

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